Kheerganga trek A Perfect Detailed Guide

Himachal Pradesh’s Kasol, in the Parvati Valley, is a heaven for hikers. Kasol offers views of luxuriant green valleys with the graceful Parvati River flowing next to them like a pearl necklace. Hikers and outdoor enthusiasts travel here from all over the world. Unexpectedly many of them decide to remain. The trek to Kheerganga is the most well-liked in Parvati Valley.

They become bound to Kasol’s splendor. The sheer number of Israeli settlers demonstrates how highly regarded Kasol is both among foreigners and Indians. Heaven is right here. Despite a recent crackdown on the number of commercial camps operating in Kheerganga in response to a court order, the area’s popularity hasn’t been significantly affected.

Everything and anything in this area is tranquil, including the Tosh village, the Manikaran hot springs, Kheerganga, and the Parvaty River.

The Whole Kheerganga Trekking Manual

If God lives here, Kheerganga will be where he is seated (Khirganga). Among all the treks near Kasol, this valley is the jewel in the crown. It takes roughly 7 to 8 hours to hike to the hot springs, which are located at a height of 2950 meters (13,000 feet). Eventually, after negotiating the treacherous terrain, you will reach Kheerganga’s hot spring. All your aches and pains will disappear after taking a dip in the warm water!

The journey begins in Barshani. From Kasol, we travel by road to Barshani. Three kilometers away from Barshani, a path splits off and leads to the village of Tosh.

It is possible to hike to Kheerganga in one day, but this is neither recommended nor practical. Go for it if you are an experienced hiker, just make sure to get going early enough. Regardless of the route you take, the total length of the Kheerganga trek is 12–13 km.

Kheerganga hiking trails

For the Kheerganga Trek, there are two routes from Barshaini: The small village of Barshaini has dhabas, a taxi stand, and a few very basic lodging options. Here, a road that can hardly be driven on splits off to Tosh, which is located just over 2 kilometers from Barshaini. This area’s beauty has been impacted by the construction of a hydropower project. Hopefully, once the plant is operational and a reservoir is created, a large portion of it will be restored.

1) Head right and climb up to Kalga village from the Barshaini bridge. For beginners and infrequent hikers, this route through thick forests is a little bit longer but offers an easy climb.

2) The second route passes through the village of Nakthan and requires a left turn from the Barshaini bridge. Although it is shorter and more picturesque, this route is challenging because it is sometimes quite steep. If you begin your hike from Barshani before noon, you will arrive at Kheerganga by dusk, where you can set up camp for the night.

There are a lot of cafes and tea houses in Kheerganga, as well as Parvati Kund, a natural hot spring.

Food and accommodation for the Kheerganga Trek

A street in Kasol will be lined with eateries serving foreign cuisines, the majority of which will be Israeli. The main driver of Israeli cuisine’s popularity is the rising number of visitors from Israel. Chinese and German restaurants were also available. Be bold and order your lunch from Germany, dinner from China, and breakfast from Israel! You won’t be sorry.

When to Trek Kheerganga

Its accessibility almost year-round is one factor in the popularity of the Kasol and Kheerganga Trek. The Kheerganga trek does get challenging during the monsoon. The trail is still accessible to experienced hikers.

Nearby Treks to Kasol and Kheerganga

The hub of many amazing treks in Kasol. Nearly five well-known trekking locations in the world can be reached from Kasol. Nearly all of them will lead to your enlightenment! You can set up camp here and explore the incredible neighboring villages, such as the surreal village of Tosh and the enigmatic village of Malana.

  • Trek Kheerganga & Tosh

When you arrive in Tosh, the snow-covered, mighty Himalayas will be staring up at you. The village of Tosh will appear below the heights like a submissive grandchild. There are only enormous pine trees and lush meadows here. You’ll feel at ease and peaceful in the village.

  • Unexplored Trek to Kutla Village via Tosh

Kutla is a quirky village where you can take in the unspoiled beauty and peace of the mountains. The two-hour journey from Tosh leads to the lush meadow of Kulta Village via a winding trail. The snow-capped Himalayan peaks that surround it are looking down at you.

  • Trekking Kheerganga and Buni Buni Pass

If you want to take the less-traveled route around Kheerganga and Kasol, Buni Buni Pass is a fantastic choice. From Kheerganga, it takes an additional few hours of hiking, and there is a good chance that snow will still be present here in the early winters and summers while there is none at Kheerganga.

Things to remember when visiting Kasol

  • Particularly over the long weekends, ATMs in Kasol and Parvati Valley frequently lack cash or are out of order. 
  • Public transportation won’t be available if you arrive in Bhuntar very early in the morning. It won’t be simple to hail a private or shared taxi.
  • A day before leaving, always check the weather forecast and pack your things accordingly.


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